This is a custom piece I enjoyed crafting for Kingdom CrossFit, a youth ministry based out of northern California. We all need frequent heart checks to make sure we are aligned with God's design and purpose - I wrote this piece with that mental framework. Subscribe for more spoken word and music from Mark J.
This piece is for anyone who struggles with self-doubt and fear of themselves. This poem is for those who have felt that nudge to chase a greater call and would dare to dream despite the obstacles. "I Dare YOU!"
Now streaming on all digital platforms! A spoken word poem inspired by Pastor Bob Balian, senior pastor of Bayside Midtown in Sacramento, CA. Acronym stands for Black/Blue Lives Matter. "I'm not choosing sides. I'm choosing lives." I pray we look to the heart of our forefather, Martin Luther King Jr.
I had the honor of writing this piece for the 2017 Man Up, an annual men's ministry conference in Northern California with about 2000 men in attendance. An important lesson I've learned is that I need people. I need the body of Christ. We are STRONGER together!
A real, raw, live performance of spoken word poem "I Want A Divorce" by Mark J. The Poet. This is my true story of struggle with pornography and lust. It's about the reality of the daily battle many face but are too afraid to talk about. May it inspire healing for all who listen.
I had the honor of performing one of my favorite original poems, Drug Addicts, on JUCE TV at TBN Studios. As one who was broken for years, stuck in addiction to pornography, this poem continues to come from my soul no matter how many times I perform it.
A spoken word poem written by Mark J. The Poet and inspired by the ministry of K-LOVE Radio, a nationwide network of Christian radio stations. God has been so faithful and I am honored to share this piece to touch on just a glimpse of how incredibly faithful God is.
We all need a dream and people have a reason as to why they stop dreaming. I wrote the Dreams poem specifically for Air1's Dare to Dream school assemblies organized by Randy Rich. This video is being shared with students all across the country through this amazing ministry.