"The Real Me",

   a song about

   freedom from



     Now available through online music distributors 


Fear can knock the lights out of dreams, if you're stuck in portrait mode.

But There's so much more to you if only you'd tap into panoramic view

- Mark J. The Poet, "I Dare You" poem




What a gift. What life-giving and encouraging words Mark J. writes! God has a special hand on Mark and it’s a beautiful thing to watch how God is using Him.
— Joe Paulo, President of KSBJ Educational Foundation
I love Mark J’s lyrics. I’ll be seeking his input for some of my writing.
— David, Lead Singer for Remedy Drive
My church has had Mark J. out several times for weekend services and conferences. His heart spills as he worships God with such a great passion that it becomes a contagious, free atmosphere. I HIGHLY recommend him for your next event!
— Jack Gonzalez, NPLAD DYD
Mark J’s gift is such a blessing. I have shared his spoken word with many as a way of encouragement

— Mike Novak, CEO of K-LOVE & Air1 Radio

If He had a hobby it would probably be photography. Before you were born He pictured you

- Mark J, "Faithful" poem