I'm about Jesus.


Mark J. the poet wears a few different hats (or beanies, if you will). He combines soulful vocals with deep worship and poetic words. But, as he'll tell you, more and most importantly he is a worshiper of the King. "I sing a little but I worship a lot" he says. He recalls his teenage years when he first laid fingers on dusty piano keys. It all started in a church building where deep reflective moments of worship became the norm and long before social media(as we know it today) or viral videos ever became a thing. 


I'm about Freedom. 


Weaved into his performances is his raw story of freedom from an addiction to pornographyFrom this freedom a new passion stems beyond spoken word and music. As one who has personally walked down the alleys of addiction to pornography Mark J is able to relate to and inspire many others affected by this epidemic. Mark writes"I can’t count how many times I have been approached by folks battling the cycle of sexual addiction as I was. Many of them trust me to be the first person they talk with openly about it - pretty amazing if you’d ask me. This is my heartbeat: to see people understand their value and live in freedom as God intended."

Though it may seem distant to many, Freedom is quite possible and begins with a Real conversation. That first brutally honest confession about deep sinful habits is so freeing to those battling any type of addiction.


I'm about family.


His lustful addiction finally took it's toll and led to a crumbling marriage. That's when "Confess your sins one to another that you may be healed" came to life for Mark. He now understands how vital it is to keep his marriage and home healthy. Every successful artist has a top-notch team and he considers his wife, Alicia, and daughters, Ariya and Jainna, a part of the band! 


Mark J's art and story have been shared with thousands across the country. He has opened for artists like The Katinas, Israel Houghton, Deitrick Haddon, Remedy Drive, Propaganda, For all seasons, and many more. He has partnered alongside ministries of like purpose including Celebrate Recovery, K-LOVE Radio, Air1 Radio, XXXChurch.com, Porn Scar, TBN and ministered at youth events, conferences, concerts, festivals, and schools across the country.