1. Life After Lust by Forest Benedict

This is my friend Forest's book. He is a licensed therapist and he has a whole weekly battle plan for overcoming sexual addiction. I highly recommend it! 

Buy Life After Lust


2. Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is a great Christian resource with helpful blog articles and accountability software for your all devices.

2. Barbara Wilson

Barbara is a licensed professional. She has written some amazing books on sexual healing for men and women. I lead a men's purity group that incorporates her material.

3.No Fap Reddit

This thread on Reddit was so encouraging to me especially during my initial phase of overcoming porn addiction. There are so many other individuals in the fight out there, learning to overcome.


This site helped me learn to see women in a healthy way. Rather than forcing my eyes to avoid physical beauty, I learned to see God's creation with a healthy perspective. This doesn't mean I go ahead and gaze at women all day. What it does mean is I can honor and respect them without lusting after them. In the same way we can look at an ocean and not try to steal it for ourselves, we can honor and respect all of God's creation.


X3 has some awesome resources, accountability filters, and and online groups for men and women.

6. My blog

Read about my journey on my blog.