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The heart of the Life After Lust Tour is to bring to light a message of hope, healing, and freedom from sexual addiction. Shame has too long caused men and women to believe that they are alone in their battle and that such a fight is not allowed to be mentioned in Christian circles. Our mission is to expose lies but also to expose the truth. And the truth is: Freedom is possible. 

The tour is a powerful and unique combination of one artist, one author, and their stories of freedom.  

The Life After Lust Tour is a good fit for any setting whether you're planning a conference, retreat, seminar, leadership training, college, youth, Sunday services,etc. LAL will be a life-altering experience for anyone.

Forest Benedict

Author of Life After Lust: Stories & Strategies for Sex & Pornography Addiction Recovery, clinical director of LifeSTAR of the central valley, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider (SATP), and Program Manager/Teacher in the SATP program at Mid-America Nazarene University. Forest has helped hundreds find victory. You'll hear the heart of a man who was once a sex-addict but has now tasted freedom. Forest will present valuable truths and time-tested principles to living in the freedom God created all people to have. 

Learn more about Forest at https://forestbenedict.com/

Mark J.

Poet, vocalist, and speaker. Mark J shares his story of freedom from sexual addiction in a real and relevant way. Mark J. has led an online group for xxxChurch.com and partnered with organizations like Porn Scar.. His transparent story has inspired thousands to seek a life of victory over their damaging habits. His spoken word and vocal arts add a creative element to the LAL Tour that will captivate hearts while communicating truth about freedom from the prison bars of lust. 

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